The Valley adopts guide dog puppy

Paul James, The Valley, Evesham Centre Manager 

Paul James, The Valley, Evesham Centre Manager 

This week marked the official unveiling of ‘Vallis’ the guide dog puppy at The Valley, who have been working in partnership with Pershore Fundraising Group (part of the nationwide Guide Dogs for the Blind charity) to fund and name it’s very own puppy.  The project took three years and raised a heart-warming £6,000.

Paul James, Centre Manager at The Valley said “We named the puppy Vallis, Latin for Valley for obvious reasons and met him this week, he is such a loveable puppy and I’m sure will go on to form an amazing bond with his future owner’.

Little Vallis is currently going through training to become a guide dog; eventually, he will go onto changing the life of someone who is blind or partially sighted and being the ultimate ‘man’s best friend.’

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